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Stop 52 - Paracas

Next up on our bus trip is the small coastal town of Paracas. This town was a little gem - great food and quite a bit to do!

We arrived around midday and Adam noticed there was a dune buggy tour guide opposite our hotel. Not satisfied with our adventures in Huacachina (mostly because he wasn't allowed to drive the buggy), he went off to book in a tour for that afternoon. This time he was allowed to drive his own buggy but had to follow a guide. I don't think the guide spoke much English and Adam spent a lot of time doing his own thing instead of following the guide but they had a good time.

Our main reason for stopping here was the Ballestas Islands a.k.a. the poor mans Galapagos. These islands should really be called bird poo islands because with 850, 000 birds living there that's basically what you're looking at. Also, don't wear anything you don't want to get bird poo on.


As we looooove the animals we quite enjoyed this 1.5hr boat ride around the animals. Once again I took way too many photos of the sealions (but they're just so cute!!) and not much else. The one thing we did see here that we didn't see on the Galapagos was lots of penguinos! That's Spanish for penguin btw. They were pretty cute too. We must have arrived at the right time because 2 out of 3 groups were heading out to fish so we got to see them waddle down to the rocks edge and jump off into the water.


So for US$35 per person its actually a pretty cool activity.

That afternoon we had a national park tour booked in with the bus group. We got to see some pretty cool spots including cathedral rock and the red beach. Stunning vistas, loads of desert and super windy! You can do a self guided tour through the park on bike but the main attraction points are quite far apart so a tour is probably the way to go.


That night we jump aboard the bus and head to Lima. Two things to keep in mind:
A/ spoiler alert...Lima isn't better the second time round
B/ Lima means we're heading out of South America and almost home *insert me crying here*

But before we get to Lima we have a free tour of one of the old homesteads that were involved with slave trade. Would you believe that in the beginning slaves were happy and enjoyed their life of slavery on the homestead?? I know, sounds ridiculous and I don't believe it either. But that's apparently how it was at this particular homestead; until the owners died that is. It was at this point when their children inherited it and they became involved in slave trade. They had 1000's more slaves than they were supposed to have by law. They also built an underground tunnel system that would link the port to their homestead so they could smuggle in slaves. It was at this point in the story where the slaves weren't having a good time anymore.....ummm, I'm sorry, but I think they weren't having a good time from the moment you took them from Africa!! But who am I to judge. An interesting part of history and it was free.

Now we go to Lima.

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