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Stop 4 - Kota Kinabalu

Where is the mountain??

semi-overcast 30 °C
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For a mountain that is sooo high you would think you could see it from miles around but due to the overcast weather it was not visible.

Our first day was a trip out to Sapi, a little island off the coast with some great snorkelling and beautiful soft sand beaches. So relaxing!

On our second day we visited the museum. Not much to look at but still quite interesting. There is also a science centre there which the kids loved.

A short fleeting visit but very enjoyable.

p.s. finally saw the mountain out the window of the plane

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Stop 3 - Penang

Can I leave yet??

sunny 32 °C
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Dear Penang.

I don't like you.


For all the rave reviews I have heard about Penang I think it was too built up in my head. I did not enjoy this place at all. The heat was suffocating and made for a very unpleasant trip. And what is there to do?? Am I missing something about this place??

We ventured up Penang Hill and did the nature walk at the top. We walked around the city and looked at a few of the street art murals....other than that there was not much to do.

So long Penang, I will not be returning.

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Stop 2 - Cameron Highlands

Tea, tea and more tea

semi-overcast 28 °C
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After a wonderful time in KL we then headed to the Cameron Highlands. To get there it is a 3 hour bus ride on some very, very windy roads. I would recommend anti-nausea tablets if you suffer from motion sickness.

My first impression was "what a cute little town". High up in the mountains, surrounded by cloud were little houses and apartment buildings set into the hills - just gorgeous!

For our first day of activities we organised a tour of the tea plantation and the mossy forest. Our guide was very knowledgeable and taught us many things about the plants in the forest, how they are used in traditional medicines and how the tea is harvested and processed.

We lucked out and had a wonderfully sunny day for our tour - according to our guide this had not happened in the last two weeks. Our first stop was the tea plantation which had some incredible views. It was basically stopping on the roadside and looking out at the plants that covered all the hills around us. Our second stop was up the highest peak in the Cameron Highlands; again, more great views. Then it was off for a guided tour through the mossy forest. It was quite muddy and slippery and as expected James found all the mud. We did a second walk through the mossy forest but this time on boardwalks. Still enjoyable but not as interesting as the guided one. To end the tour we stopped at the tea house to try some of the local Boh tea. It was quite nice but I wouldn't rave about it.

On the second day we took a taxi to the next town over and visited the butterfly farm. So many beautiful butterflies all native to the area. They also had an outside area dedicated to insects and reptiles. We again lucked out and whilst looking at the leaf insect had one of the staff members come up and let us hold it. He then showed us around in our own private tour letting us hold all the insects and telling us about them. He also showed us some pretty cool flowers. The whole experience was a bit unexpected as all the online reviews for the place were not that great.

We then trekked back down the hill for a few km's before having some lunch and getting a taxi home. The altitude mean Lucas's flat football had inflated so we went and kicked the footy on the oval.

That sums up our time in the Cameron Highlands. A wonderful little place and definitely a place to visit but not a lot of time is needed to explore the area.

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Stop 1 - Kuala Lumpur

sunny 30 °C
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After many delays at Melbourne airport we finally arrived at our first destination - Kuala Lumpur!!

This is the third time Adam and I have visited KL but our first time staying more than one day. I do love this city but it can be quite overwhelming as it assaults all your senses in one go.

Day one was spent relaxing by the pool - not much to report for this day.

Day two was a little more taxing as we visited Batu Caves. From our accommodation at Vipod Residency we took the monorail to KL Sentral and then hopped on a train to the caves. Once you arrive the caves are right there in front of you. The first cave (RM5 per person entry) was filled with garish statues telling a story of one of the Hindu gods....Interesting but probably not worth the entry fee.

The second cave was a guided nature walk that we decided to skip so it was off to the third cave / temple for the hike up 272 stairs in stinking heat. We arrived at the top hot and sweaty. James was not so keen about the stairs and with much coaxing eventually made it. At the top of the stairs there is a temple and a lot of food vendors. There are also a lot of monkeys and oddly enough, during our visit, a chicken. Great view and experience for all.

Day three was a trip to the Petronas Towers. Adam and I have previously done this attraction but it was a first for the boys. They were a little apprehensive at first because of the height but once at the top they did not have any issues and thought it was rather cool. We also spent time around KLCC park with the boys playing on the playground.

All in all it was quite a relaxed start to the holiday with no major issues. KL is such an easy city to navigate with walkways joining most of the major attractions in the city. The weather was warm and incredibly humid which is to be expected. Next stop, Cameron Highlands and some cooler weather.

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